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being screwed or even misled by your telephone/interconnect company.

If you know my  Hamachi name and have my password, then come listen to Alan Watts,  Terrence McKenna, and some of my favorite music.                                                                  


Whistle Blowing      

 This is the main reason for this website.  The decision to become a whistle blower has changed my life in many areas and if you can learn from me then the work to put up this site will have been worth it.


Zero Point Energy / Over unity          The Disclosure video

If you don't know anything about this technology then read on and or go to the links, you should know about this!  This has been developed but is suppressed through the lack of media coverage.  Download the video of the National Press Club Conference and look for the popular news outlets filming this and wonder why you have never heard of; let alone ever seen this on the 7 O'clock news. 

Yes, pushing this forward could be a shock to our economy as we know it, but it is a fake* economy anyway so why not?  When the needs of the masses outweighs the desires of a greedy few,  maybe then America will become a leader in the world again by the ingenuity of the people and not by coercion and fear.

Alternative Energy Videos and Interviews 



Willy's 'Jeeps'

Willy's owners are a breed of people who stare at their 'jeep' with glazed eyes and try, while being restricted by the use of a limited communication ; mere verbal language, to explain their love of this chunk of steel with the underpowered motor.


Cable Lacing                        Some new info and pictures 

Some of my past job duties are from an almost forgotten mind frame of craftsmanship.  Tedious and time consuming, the art of cable lacing and square bundling, are evident in some existing Telco Central Offices...just open the door and look inside.   ;o)


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