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A predator has been cornered and trapped.  It actually happened on the 17th or 18th of April 2005.

I have known this child molester/stalker for about 30 years...he was once a friend of mine.

Look...I have known several sociopaths in my life and may even have a few in my family tree.  They seem to all have several common traits amongst themselves but one prevails...People are there to be used.  While talking to sociopaths, I became aware that they look straight through me like an alcoholic during blackout.   Having been married to an extreme "alky" I can say that I speak with authority. This child molester was really no different.  I had confronted him about the boy in his bed and he said " I am licensed as a respite worker".  I thought on this for a while and realized that anyone worth their weight would have done a background check and definitely a premise visit.  Feeling strongly that absolutely  nothing was done in this area I called the Child Protection Advocate for Traverse City MI and reported my friend.  I felt mixed...like I was traitoring him yet since I had children of my own I also felt no hesitation in reporting him.  The Advocate told me that I was the 5th report on him that year but no one was coming forth as a victim.  15 years later a boy who was abused by this path came forth with his cry for help.

We all knew of how his parents let him spend too much time with the pedophile/boy scout leader.  And how during camping trips perverted things would take place but he thought it was funny and accepted these things as normal behavior.    The fact that he could fit into a profile is kinda obvious...  Lets see...mmmmm...white...single...lives with or very close to Mommy...has children around WAY too much...And seems to place himself in positions of opportunity, such as martial arts instructor, respite care provider.  These things are socially accepted as healthy and helpful.  Yeah...like a lion that waits at the watering hole or the pervert in the bushes along the trail...he is nothing but an opportunistic predator! 

And YOU... D.H.  as a friend of 25 years, accepted him and his perverted ways because you were afraid to make a stand...I was initially sickened and sad but now, looking back, I see why you would.  I applaud your decision to make a decision, you did come to "the fork in the road" and you took it.  But your choice shows the though you may be physically strong and stubborn,  you are spiritually weak. You have no spiritual backbone.

 I am not the type to stand up and say "SEE I TOLD YOU" or anything like that, but... You assholes called me a liar and petty and laughed in my face putting me out of your lives...WELL...how many times did you let him* into your homes...with your children?....      How often did you confide in him and scoff my words of warning?  To think that I would have been so petty as to be "pissed off because he is a slob" is not only ridiculous, it is a dangerous thinking pattern of your own being applied to me.  I don't think like that.  I don't play those games.

I have thought of how hard I tried to get you to listen, writhed at the death throws of our relationships and then finally experienced the death of our individual relationships. I sat back in amazement and realized I had been caught up in a twisted drama and, that cutting you all loose only cut the life cancer from myself,,, freeing me to live.  Why don't you all practice stretching your minds and bodies so that you will begin to think more clearly and so that others will be able to tell where your heads end and your asses begin.!!

I hope he left your sons alone and I hope you all feel a little exposed for being the assholes that you are.  Please don't be too hard on yourselves...that's my job.    :o)



*I took his name out...in America even child predators have rights!

BUT...here is the link to the first newspaper article about this sociopath.

another (MAY31)...and another (SEPT 16)    Pervert gets off ! !

According to the Grand Traverse Sheriffs Dept.  Becker had all chargers dropped due to a technicality,     So it looks like the child molester "gets off".   I can just see him smiling with that 'special' cackling snort of his, flashing his blue rotten teeth... Ewww how yucky!  This does not mean he is innocent he just evaded the spiders web of justice.  I am sure he will get what's coming to him.


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