This is only a very narrow view of the art of Cable Lacing.  So, please inform me of any information that you may have.



I became acquainted with the art of cable lacing in the mid 90s...I had seen this work all throughout my career as a communications technician and have heard several different stories as for the reason for cable lacing.


Styles                    These are for square bundling and just the ones I worked with primarily. There are more styles or types than listed here and are for round bundling.                                                              

    Chicago Stitch

                This is passing the waxed string between each row of cables and crossing

on the other end of the bundle, then doubling back on itself by passing around the

primary string passed around the bundle.  When you come to the end of the rows

you must cross the strings around the last cable and start the same pattern going up

and down the bundle.  Please excuse the very rudimentary drawing as I am

experimenting with different tools.


   "Portland"  - AKA modified Chicago

      This stitch is the same as the Chicago although you start the same you also merely skip every other row. Look closely at the top stitches and how it encloses the two top rows...then the next two rows and so on.



    Kansas City

                This is the anchoring or securing stitch.  When cables are routed in the frame room they are on racks.  You must secure the bundles from moving around and this is achieved by the Kansas City stitch.  Look at the point where each cascading bundle is secured to the rack...There you have it.



Here are some examples of DJ's work...I dunno...maybe he is an artist?  Whatever he turns out to be when he grows up, he will do very well.




After several months of stitching my cohort lost his mind and thought he was the Evil Emperor from Star Wars....later after his meds kicked in, he fell asleep and found peace on an 84 pack of orange.  

                                                                                      Sweet dreams dude.