Hopefully this will be of help to you, the lonely whistleblower...


1st            THINK...HARD!   Do you really want to do this?  Don't fool yourself with ideas of "doing the right thing" or some other romantic concept of "right".  Why don't you just be a good person/employee and do what your told?   You will lose friends and colleges.  Wait!!...I know...how about some money??  Why don't you just fit in and stop making waves?   NO!!??  I didn't stop either, I felt that I was put on the spot...quick...make a decision!!  So I made one,  fuck them,  I thought, how dare you put yourself in such an authoritive role in my life!  I knew in the first second of this attempted rape of my morals, that I would not participate in this nightmare.  Sooooooooooo.....


         If you want to continue forward...you have been warned.  I know that I probably cannot warn you with any real sense of urgency.  After all I am only an anonymous keyboard hacker on the net. But since you seem to be a stubborn person with a strong sense of self...

Don Soeken is an excellent source of information, resources and links.  Here is a link to his site Integrity International


2nd            Get an experienced Whistleblower Attorney!

            I don't think that I can emphasize this enough., so I will type it twice.  Get an experienced Whistleblower Attorney!  The Attorney that I chose was not experienced in this area at all but did have 50 years as a civil defense Attorney...it did not work.  When he saw the amount of stalling and underhandedness that accompanies a Whistleblower case, he bailed out for the cost of the paperwork.  In the very beginning he and another Attorney, who was brought onboard for her employer law experience, both talked the talk.  " we're in this with you...for the duration",  "these snakes/bastards will not get away with this", and so forth.  Well several weeks before the end of this 2 year long nightmare ended they actually were questioning my motives for the suit,  " why are you on a vendetta against poor Mr.******* ?"  "The poor man was only a victim of someone else's greed."    Well oddly enough my co-plaintiff and I received a letter stating " The defense has accepted our proposed judgment"  It turns out that the amount settled was exactly the amount of the expenses....mmmmm, go figure.  (yes I am looking into this...)  Remember...your attorney is NOT your friend.  (S)he is there to make money, that is their profession.  Although you and  your attorneys may go through hell together it is only a temporary relationship.  Make every step as carefully as possible so that you do not get screwed like we did.


3rd           Stay anonymous or get another job...Pronto!

               You will lose your job...and if you don't lose it you will most likely quit due to pressures, tasks and other forms of retaliation that will take place... take this as fact and prepare yourself for it.  Besides staying at a job after you've blown the whistle is like staying in a swimming pool after peeing in it.


4th            Fight Dirty

                Go into this with your guard up...don't be foolish to think that you will prevail because you did everything by the book.  Hold back on revealing all that you have on the defendant...like photos or a strong paper trail that is in your favor.  Do this like playing a game of poker...   


5th            Here's a good one... Do not be afraid to get other opinions from other attorneys. 

                Had I gotten other opinions and guidance from an outside source I probably would have prevailed.  As a matter of fact I was told, by a whistle blowing expert, that my attorneys would, should they prevail, never do another whistleblower case again.  He was right...there is too much work to do for the average civil rights attorney. 


6th         Take care of yourself!!!

                If you are on meds of any type, make sure you have a connection for these during and after the lawsuit.  I ran out and was not sufficiently stocked up or connected.