Think about it...The Flock may be flying in the wrong direction...

Come must have noticed it??  The background murmur...the zombie like shuffling of feet all around you...The lemming like attitude of the vast majority of people in this world?  No???   Try just snapping out of your own slumber while on an outing to the mall or restaurant.  

I have come to the conclusion that I am in a minority...NOT in the experiences themselves but in talking about it. 

This happened when I was around 8 years old...

 Sitting in the crotch of a large branch in an elm tree in 1969, my arms and legs hanging down on either side of the branch, I became detached from my physical self.  It is difficult to explain but I had what some call an epiphany, a gestalt,,, an AH-HA moment.  This was not the first time in my existence that I had returned from the waking illusion of life with the herd, but this time my AH-HA moment shook me to the core and affected the rest of my life.  I knew in only a few moments that I was a living organism on a dirt ball in space floating around a ball of fire which was at that moment flying through space in the middle of nowhere!   Maybe this was because of America going to the moon and my active imagination...I don't know.

Life was somehow both enriched and yet a living hell.  I could not have just woken up to total self awareness...noooo!....I had to be aware from which I came and from where most others around me still were. Let me tell you, it was hard all through school and when dealing with almost anyone who wanted me to participate in one of their dramas.  Now, I have fallen back and rolled around in my agony rich dramas of illusion but I always pulled myself out and shook it off.  Now when I find myself shaking it off I am not hard on myself at all.  I have in the past, surfaced like a tired drowning man who gasps at a fitfully small lung of air only to roll back under the waves.  Now I only say to myself, AH! I was under the illusion again.  And like a sage of the past said about thoughts, "let them flutter about like birds above your head but don't let them land"  In other words don't be hard on yourself for recognizing your reawakening because the focus on your 'failure' only assists you going back to the dreamland.

Several things have snapped me out of the dreamland.  One was being in the room when my Grandmother passed away.  Another is consumption of magic mushrooms and my personal favorite was having a doctor tell me I had, at most, 6 months to live.  During each of these I felt the presence of "Another" in the room.  For Grandma Dora, either something came into the room or something came from her and slowly left?  On shrooms I have felt what has been described as "the entity".  For the cancer announcement I also felt a "presence" like I was being watched or being stood by?  All these experiences have shown me something interrelated and about reality, whether it is directly the impermanence of life...a realization that there are plant allies to take you there safely or that our own death is the one big lie we tell ourselves wont happen.  When this type of thing occurs in a persons life that persons life must change.  I myself became so much less tolerant of useless dramas that I refused to participate in them and was basically ostracized by both family and friends.

Now I am 44 years old and have modified my thoughts only just a little.  We are all One!,,,thinking in a backward progression...All life on this planet including animals and plants... where did they come from?  From this Planet Earth...Earth is made of rocks, water, electricity... Where did Mother Earth come from?? Condensing gas...gas came from nebulae, nebulae from exploding stars, stars from the infinite point of beginning...what some call the big bang.   We are the same age as the Sun because we were created at the same time.  In fact we are being warmed and the weather of this planet is controlled by the Sun which is also part of the universe just like we are. Like Alan Watts said...the world peoples just like an apple tree apples...  It becomes clear then, that if we are all One, then killing another being is killing ourselves, harming another is harming get the picture.  This doesn't mean to stand there and take a beating or get killed without protecting means that a part of yourself is still caught up in the dream of manifest reality and is totally absorbed by the stimulation...protect yourself by ALL means...yet don't be too judgmental towards the aggressor for it is only you, the universe, experiencing itself on a different facet.



Don't be afraid to say what has to be said.

Walk away from the bullshit at the moment you recognize that you have been pulled into it and can do nothing to change it

5 dried grams...

On your gravestone there is your birth date  followed by the date of your death.  Your life is the little dash in between did you live it?

Before you were born...what were you??   Nothing!! That is what death is...nothing!  It is only an 'off' so you can experience the 'on'

Fight when you feel you must and, most painfully, realize that you will walk this walk pretty much alone.

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