Killers with small hands.


I know some killers.  Most of them are all right guys...funny, confident and cool under stress. Yet it dawned on me that all of them had one physical trait in common...they all have small hands!  I think the tallest one (a naval seal) is 5' "9" yet his hands are little...I have read that the majority of enlisted that pass the rigorous tests required to become a SEAL, RANGER  or something similar, are mostly guys smaller in stature.  Some ideas pop up in my NON-KILLER, NON-BRAINWASHED mind...things like Yes it makes sense that a smaller man eats less and is a smaller target and is quicker than a lumbering Chad Slab-body.  Having less total body area makes it probably easier to warm him up and you can carry more in the 'copter'. But could this be an avenue for the outlet of The Napoleon Complex?   Are smaller guys brainwashed easier then the larger?  Probably not...its just a thinking out loud page anyway.

When I have asked any of these guys why do you go and kill people for no reason, none that are immediately threatening anyway, I get the same answer..."Its my job"  So this makes me ponder the hands of which I speak.  Are the hands the Phalanx bones used to squeeze the trigger in the trained  POP-POP-KILL methodology of murder by gun, the digits which are trained to push a knife into any number of vital areas on the run and not break stride. Or maybe the hands which have strangled the minds of these individuals to believe that Federally sanctioned murder is "OK" ...that thinking of murder as " MY JOB" puts it on the level of telephone man, plumber or even teacher.

WOW...I like these guys a lot like I said,  I just disagree with their choice of jobs and the rational they prescribe to to support it.