For What its worth...




You were the best friend that a guy could ever have had.  I mean that.

I am sitting here (Aug 7 2005) 2500 miles from you and am listening to Simon and Garfunkle's Greatest Hits and it hits me...I really want you to know that its cool that we don't even speak anymore, shit, I rarely think of you. 

This is a point of reality for me to wrestle with,,,it seems like yesterday that we would listen to this album on your dads turntable (cranked up to 11) while stretching and then running to town.  Its cool to feel the life of time as ancient and forever...existing way in the past...and today, right now...all the time.  It never shuts down...its only me that assigns steps to it...making it march on.  Much to my dismay.   

I feel that our friendship of 25 years was like a cloud... perfect...fitting its timeframe just right.  Have you ever seen an imperfect cloud?  We confided in one another, shared experiences, fought and partied.  I guess what I have to express to you is that our time as friends was exactly what it had to be, the ending was exactly what it had to be too.  No hard feelings from me.  If I implied any meanings or harmful vibes I apologize...I was caught up in the drama. 

Thanks for being there for me during life...hell during cancer!!  You made me laugh till I peed my pants, drank me under the table and made me ponder self and values.  I thank you.  You showed me how to stand up for myself in so many ways its hard to not see you and tell you this.  At the end you helped me out of an illusion that I had placed myself under.  One so convincingly real yet destructful...thanks again buddy!

May life take you to the perfect place.

Be Happy.






This shit still makes me laugh !