Tolerance or Do I hafta??    The question could probably be just as easily Do you hafta!   This is in regards to thieves, bullies and assholes of all assorted sizes.

 A lot if not all of this stuff is totally NOT Politically Correct so hit your back button now if you get pissed easy or know me personally and want to maintain a friendship.


Is it just me or is the world becoming filled with people who adhere to the mindset that all should be easy?  Who are these happy assed lackeys?   Who !?... I ask you.

Spoiled Brats...

In disciplining our children we have moved from letting these young humans know that there are  repercussions from their actions...good and bad. From simply pointing out that some behavior is not correct, polite or tolerated we moved to rationalization, timeouts, counseling, etc.  All this as to not hurt the fragile human beings feelings, actually fearing more damage to them by a paradigm shift than by a learned anti-social or just plain rude behavior pattern.  Fuck that!  A smack on that ass does no harm if used properly. It is a tool,,,a tool that should be used very sparingly and with much forethought.  An attitude adjuster, something with which a person ( youngen) is course corrected.  The extent of over rationalizing this goes to ridiculous extremes...One example is a group of children labeled Indigo Children.  From what I have read it started out a color classification to denote children born within a certain time frame. The Children have specific traits common amongst them such as marked higher IQs' behavioral issues and such.  Indigo Link This link will describe it in much greater detail than I.  I guess a question that I have is that "If these Indigo Children are actually ancient spirits living again in our our children wouldn't they have more respect and manners?"   Anyway I see the parents who fall for this crap as just fearful. They seem to fear the confrontation of an undisciplined spoiled brat kid,  perhaps they fear facing the product of their parenting skills... mmmmm.  Look, if the shoe fits...wear it.  Don't get mad at me for having an opinion that you may disagree with but please don't hide behind something like the Indigo description of your kids...face reality and get real help for you child.  Get drugs if you need them, seek counseling for the child and self... do anything but hide.


Energy Vampires...

We all have had the experience of one of these babies... your trying to have a good time and wham!  one of them is attached to your neck.    How often have you been leeched of life energy by an energy starved person?  Your talking to a friend and another acquaintance of yours walks up and your suddenly tired and irritable?  Something tells you that you don't like a person, but only if you think about it you will find that it is because this person drains you.  I have a sister like this...When ever we have talked on the phone, its a three hour conversation.  If I happen to visit, we are up till three am and we are not having a discussion...I am experiencing a monolog, diatribe, a mental raping.  In my experience Vampires can and often do come from the same womb as yourself. They even have been known to be your parents!!  I have learned how to just say no to to the outward attacks by the Zombies of the Obvious.  The attacks from the subconscious or unconscious feasters are of course harder to detect initially but just as easy to thwart once they are recognized. Vampire Link this is just one link out there on the net...check out more.


More later when I renew my Scotch reserves....I promise Freddy