Hey Wendy,

I knew that if I didnt say something smart assed then you would not have looked. Sorry.

But I have to tell you thanks for Jack Bird. From what I have read he should live about another 6-8 years if I take care of him. He is a real joy.

I never did get him to whistle more than a wolf call but I have dream't of him whistling the Glorious Ninth.

Here are some pictures of him for you.





If he gets paper clips, he sits and rolls them around in his mouth with his eyes shut and sorta goes to sleep, all the while chirping very softly...I have an appointment for him at a bird psychologist.  ;o)


Here he is being agressive with a dog...scarey huh?


I wanted to thank you for making me think... being an example for me to learn by and the 16 year reminder of you, cloaked as a yellow bird.