He asked me..."Whatcha  doing??
I said to him..."I've been jamming to the Moody Blues"
After a slight pause he asked acusingly...The Moody Jews??!

Hey Bub...you know when Dad died?...you know Ma, the Girls and I went to Alpena to identify Him?  Well we went into a room and there was Dad...His shoes where off and his tongue was showing...
and when we said goodbye to him I leaned down and kissed him on the forehead...

...I wish I did'nt go...

The Setting...
                Somewhere in the 70's,  Lake Fifteen Camp ground, Dark...

Wendy - Im going into town tomorrow
Sherm - Hey Wendy...your going into town?
Wendy - Yes Sherman...
Sherm - Well when you come back from town will you bring me a henweigh?
Wendy - Uh, Whats a Henweigh?
   Slight pause...
Sherm - About 3 to 4 pounds !

 The Result...
                Several tents around our family tent burst into laughing...settled down to giggling and finally to whispers...Everybody slept good that night.

I was-a pitchenem
He was a catchenum

Picture this.

Two brothers hanging out in the back yard.

One of the brothers wants to be a catcher

the other one wants to be a pitcher.

They conspire to become twix

the pitcher, thinking he knows/ grasps all concieves a plan
the catcher, hearing this plan, agrees readily

a very short period of time later....( and a very important clue this short time will be in the future) they are finished assembling.

This assemblage of best choices was laid out on the lawn

Both catcher and pitcher bent to their tasks

In yet another short period of time
    each was done...

The catcher went down to his toes
the bird cage encasing his head
        protecting it from assurd injury
the old boat cushion placed over his heart

The wind-up came without any warmup
   The effort was delivered
        with the will of a weathered champ
but the elbow and shoulder
        that of a young, over excrting boy.

When the ball cleared the shoulder of the pitcher
        it went south from there

The ball stuck,   no,   clung to his fingers

The ball moved
    As if by providence
        The pitcher watched in slow mo.

The ball reached the upper web of the mitt
        slightly faster than the catcher had 

The time it took for the ball to reach the bird cage...

the catcher realized that all he could do was
        make a face

                 .... a face.

hitting the bird cage at 98 miles an hour
        the ball went up and over the card board backstop
if Bea were to find it
    Doc would have hell to pay

while the ball went its merry way over the fence
    the door to the birdcage sprung open
        the catcher going down
                    crossed eyed and shocked looking.

the pitcher
    watching all of this in slow mo
            started to laugh

        He laughed so hard that 36 years later
                he still sheds a tear

Sherm - Hey Rod?...

Me - Yeah?

Sherm - You should get I-Did-a Rod tee shirts for all your girl friends...
you know....like the dog race...!

After coming home from surgery to remove cancer in my throat I stop by Sherms to catch up with him and let him know that he cant get rid of me so easily...
After talking and joking back and forth for a while Sherm gets quiet as he notices the scar on my throat from the tracheostomy.
He starts dancing a little and while singing to the tune of  MY SHARONA !
He sings MY STOMA !  !

While visiting me lately...

We built ourselves this.....

AND this....