The Encyclopedia DaWhistlera defines Cranial Rectitus Humungai as:  The almost impossible position obtained by a large number of the populous,:signified by the strained back and lack of clear ..IE  "muffled' ,voice.  
The new position is one of exact opposite of a previously known position called
Cranial Rectitus Lillyputen.  
These positions are variations of a tricky maneuver in which a persons view point became so screwed up he was said to be talking out his ass, in the Lillyputen tradition the rectal cavity is approached from the rear...unlike where in Humungai it is approached from the front...(see picture)

It has been said that with Lillyputen "at least you can see where your going..."  hence the old phrase...Put a window in your stomach.
With Humungai, as pictured, it is quite apparent that a window would not help and doesn't seem to matter to the "victim" if he can see at all.  In fact this 'not seeing' is most likely where he derives his courage and lack of foresight.

For Web references and links see the listed URL's and see if you can determine weather they suffer from  Humungai or Lillyputten.

Good  Luck.